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Beginning in the mid-50’s, In the 1960’s concert-goers began raising the Zippo flame as a salute to favorite performers, a gesture later dubbed the “Zippo Moment.” In 1962 Zippo produced its first non-lighter product. During the 1970s Zippo began expanding to overseas markets.

The steel pocket tape measure, or “rule,” as it was called, had a design that resembled the famous lighter. In the 1980s the company was owned by six members of the Blaisdell family, including Mr. In 1993 Zippo acquired , where visitors can watch the repair process take place.

This icon set contains 480 building vector icons in Adobe Illustrator format.

Each icon is provided in Solid and Outlined variations.

Also in the early 2000’s Zippo launched the first .

The hand warmer uses Zippo premium lighter fluid and provides a steady source of heat longer than any other product on the market.

The vehicles are pictured in Flat style, making your applications always appear great.These icons are suitable for Insurance, GPS, Mapping, Scheduling, Transportation, Construction, Cargo, Fleet Management, Assets Management, Traveling and other software applications and websites. This vector icon set contains a great number of flat icons in .

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